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[NEW] CEMR Releases Findings of Study on Community Hazard Risk Assessment Methodologies: The CEMR is honored to share its findings from its research on: Community Hazard Risk Assessment Methodologies: A Study of Practical Challenges and Methodological Solutions for THIRA. Read more here


Ten Years After 9/11 National Study: The CEMR Foundation was a supporting partner of Capella University in a national survey on our progress since 9/11.   Government still not giving enough attention to preparing for and responding to the next disaster.  Read more here


CEMR Inaugural Annual Report: The CEMR Network would like to share with the CEMR Network community its inaugural CEMR Annual Report.  It is the CEMR’s intent to build off this modest beginning to highlight the contributions of its members and to contribute to advancing the profession by promoting comprehensive emergency management research and the advancement of the profession.
Historical Research and Development of Emergency Management Higher Education Program: YOUR INPUT REQUESTED!: On June 7th, 2011 the CEMR provided an overview of its EM Education Timeline Project at the FEMA Higher Education Conference. This overview included a preliminary draft of the timeline based on the input of many noted, emergency management scholars. The goal of this project is to create an informative timeline that highlights the major people, programs, and activities that assisted in creating the emergency management discipline.  In conjunction with the CEMR Network, the project team would now like to solicit the input of the academic, research, and professional emergency management community that have yet had the opportunity to share in defining the history of the professionalization of emergency management.  We welcome you to view the EM Education Timeline video and share with us those activities that have contributed to the professionalization of the discipline.

CEMR Network Gives Thanks to its Sponsoring Partners: The CEMR Network would like to extend a thank you for providing support to the CEMR Network. For more information on the CEMR Network’s Partnering, please visit the CEMR Network home page .

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CEMR Network Membership Summary Report
Please visit our CEMR Network Annual Summary Report to learn about the diversity and expertise represented on the CEMR Network. We are very appreciative of everyone's continued collaboration, contributions to comprehensive emergency management research, and advancing the profession by bridging the practical and theoretical applications of emergency management.

Share Your Research Efforts and Contributions
Do you have a study that you would like to announce, request participation in, or promote your contributions to advancing the profession? Feel free to share it with the growing number of CEMR Network members. Simply email your request at inquiry@cem-research.org. We will share your announcement in the weekly CEMR Network Update Broadcast and a special announcement on the CEMR Network.


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Foundation for CEMR Activities, News and Updates

This forum is dedicated to inform CEMR Network members with information and updates of Foundation for CEMR activities and events.

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A forum for members to react and reflect on recent contributions (research, publications, articles, etc) to CEM

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A forum for CEMRN members to discuss topics related to CEM research

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A forum for CEMRN members to discuss current emergency management current events.

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The CEMR Network is a non-profit organization that serves as a catalyst for the emergency management and research community to promote and improve comprehensive emergency management. This is accomplished by offering a free forum to share and collaborate. Help support this important endeavor and get recognized in doing so.

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